Insert a poorly drawn DA logo.
I do drawin type of stuff.
I do both hand drawn and digital art.
With traditional, i mostly do pencil sketches and sometimes freehand in pen.
For digital I mainly draw in krita (sometimes graphicsgale for pixelart). The tablet i use is the huion 420 (tiny and cheap, also 420).
Started doing art back in highschool, well taking it somewaht seriously. I've maid some stuff.
Let me know if you want a highquality image of one of my drawins to use on your site.

msPaint, Leather Attempt 1

still using ms paint (windows xp version, duh), trying to do leather. if i had more patience i could complete this. i kindof wish i could have layers, but that's part of the challenge.

msPaint, spikey hair dude and circus sketch n concept stuff

first time drawing in a month, i can only draw in ms paint (windows xp version, duh), my brain is not working.

oxenfrequencies, alex

this is alex from oxenfree

Hatsune Miku = Computer

this is and always will be one of my best drawings ever.

dinasaur roar sketch

one of my many random sketches (this one is a dinasaur), this was from late 2018 i think, idk.

Stuff i've stolen and used throughout my site.