Pile O Buttons

This will be the place where I store all the buttons. In the footer of the site is where I keep all the buttons for the backbones of the site.

I'm not really sure about the history of 88x31 pixel site buttons, I know so little that I barely know why they were sometimes refered to as "codes". I think they are a really interesting piece of internet history with how people advertised websites. Even though they were often used for fun and never actually linked to anything. I have a large pile of them here, because I think they are cool! If you have any information relevant to their history, feel free to email me!

Want me to put your button in the pile? Send an email: slippy.effugium@gmail.com

My site button!

These two were made for me by yobun a few days after i had created my button (yet it took me 3 months to get around to uploading it :P). They are cool, just not my sortof style. Ty Yobun <3

When linking to my site using a button,
I'd strongly encourage that you host the button image/gif yourself incase my site were to ever go down, or if I ever happen to delete it.
Please link to either https://slippy-effugium.neocities.org/ or https://neocities.org/site/slippy-effugium/.

Sites I like,

Random buttons,